Marcus Weeks (trombone)

Marcus was born and brought up in Hastings and for some reason finds himself still living there. He started piano lessons at the age of five but is still, more than 50 years later, a steadfastly lousy pianist; he first picked up a trombone when he was 11 and is now beginning to get the hang of it. After playing in orchestras, brass bands, jazz combos and rock groups as a teenager, he studied music at Sheffield University, concentrating on composition and 20th-century music, and where he co-founded the free-improv group AMG. Since then he’s played in a variety of orchestras, bands and groups — classical, jazz, pop and avant garde — while trying to make a living as a piano tuner and author. When he has the time, he also composes, and won second prize in the international competition arranged by the British Trombone Society for his trombone quartet Carreaux in 2008. For many years, he played with the funk/ska/jazz/latin combo Mad Hatters, where he met Dave Uden, now DJO’s drummer. Marcus currently plays regularly with Blueshift Jazz (along with Dave Uden and DJO bassist Wayne Windmill), and a couple of big bands in Hastings as well as DJO.